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New Sick Leave Policies Now in Effect for Los Angeles

Posted on 7/1/2016 by Ali Oromchian, Esq.
A note that says 'sick leave' posted to a cork board with a thumbtack.A new sick leave policy has taken immediate effect in the City of Los Angeles. Here is what you need to know, and how to determine whether these new regulations apply to you:

•  Employers with 26 or more employees must now provide employees who work within the City of Los Angeles six days, or 48 hours, of paid sick leave each year.
•  Whether your business is actually located inside the Los Angeles city limits is somewhat irrelevant for this law; what matters is where your employees work. Therefore, if your business is located outside of Los Angeles but your employees travel there for work on a sporadic basis, this law may apply to you. In order to qualify, your employees need only perform two hours of work per week within the city.
•  This new sick leave law is in conjunction with the new minimum wage of $10.50 an hour, which took effect starting July 1, 2016. It states that employees receive 6 sick days per year based upon the number of hours that they work inside city limits (therefore, note than if your business is located outside of the city but you have qualifying employees, you may have to do some computing to determine to how many sick days your workers are entitled). In order to comply with the law, those employers with workers who travel in and out of the city will have to keep track of how many hours their employees spend working inside the city limits.
•  This new sick leave law applies to all employees, including those who are part-time and/or temporary. The sick leave benefit is accrued at the rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked.
•  The law requires that employees must be able to access their accrued sick days after 90 days of employment.
•  While this law applies to employers with at least 26 employees, the same rule for employers with fewer than 26 employees will take effect on January 1, 2017.

If you have questions about this new sick leave law for the City of Los Angeles, reach out to the HR specialists at HR for Health. Simply open a support ticket titled "LA Sick Leave" and we will be happy to address any issues you may have.

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