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HR Insights with Ali: Introduction

Posted on 11/15/2016 by Ali Oromchian, Esq.
A few years ago while I was doing my annual planning for my law firm, I discovered that we had averaged 1.2 lawsuits per week in that year by employees against their doctors. At that point, I realized that employee claims had become a huge issue in the healthcare industry.

As co-founder and CEO of HR for Health, and founding attorney of Dental Medical Counsel, P.C., I have made it my mission to protect doctors from employment claims. The difficulties facing doctors is very personal to me as my wife Ozzie is a pediatric dentist and practice owner, and my own law firm is specifically focused on helping healthcare professionals.

I wanted to start this blog series to educate doctors and provide tips for avoiding employment lawsuits. My hope is that these tips will allow doctors to focus on providing excellent services to their patients and grow their business instead of worrying about employment law issues and paperwork. In this series, I will be sharing tips on current law updates, how to manage your employees, and how to lower your risk in this ever changing business climate.

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