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HR Insights with Ali: How to Get the Most “Benefits” From Your Benefits Package

Posted on 3/1/2017 by Ali Oromchian, Esq.
As an employer, you spend a lot of time and money putting together the best possible benefit packages for your employees. While certain components of those packages - sick time, for example - are regulated by legislation, other components of your benefit offerings have been precisely chosen to give you the highest results in the most cost-effective manner possible. It makes sense, then, that you would want your employees to be aware of these benefits so as to incorporate them into the consideration process when they are considering asking for raises or seeking new employment.

What is interesting, however, is that research has shown that communications surrounding benefit packages can be just as important as the packages themselves. For example, statistics have shown that employees who feel as if their benefit packages have been clearly presented and communicated to them actually have a more positive view of those benefits. This was even true when compared with other similarly-situated employees whose benefit package was stronger but for whom communication surrounding those benefits was lacking.

Providing thorough paperwork which explains the benefits which are offered and how to use and monitor them is a great start, of course. But in order for employees to truly understand those packages, you must accompany that paperwork with thorough discussions, and you must be available to answer questions as they arise. Using programs such as HR for Health’s benefits tracking system is a great choice, as it lets employees access their own benefits from anywhere, in real time.

Remember that most employees are presented with information about their benefits programs when they are hired and are undergoing orientation. This is a busy time, and employees may be distracted or overwhelmed and unable to adequately pay attention. Make yourself available to provide assistance as questions arise, and respond to inquiries as quickly as possible. HR for Health is here to help along the way, with quick turnaround times and easy-to-understand responses whenever you need assistance. The HR Specialist Team will help guide you by creating benefits policies in your employee handbook, and will ensure that these policies are set up within your HR for Health portal for tracking purposes as soon as they are finalized. Open a support ticket titled “Benefits” and we will be with you right away with any questions you may have. Start getting the most from your benefits package by remembering that communication is key.

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