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HR Insights with Ali: How Cloud-Based Document Storage Systems Are Changing HR

Posted on 3/23/2017 by Ali Oromchian, Esq.
Maintaining a healthy Human Resources component to any business has always been a document-intensive process. From new hire documents to timecards to performance reviews, the amount of recordkeeping required to keep your practice afloat can be exhausting. Fortunately, the advent of the internet has given companies a welcome option: the cloud.

How it Works
The cloud is an offsite, digital medium for storing your crucial human resources documents. Think of it as a vault where you can put all of your important paperwork with a simple filing system for easy access anytime you need it. Cloud-based storage systems are essential tools for your HR needs, giving you peace of mind, knowing that your documents will never be misplaced or misfiled. Given the incredible number of documents required in human resources, the cloud can be an absolute lifesaver.

Why it Matters
A proper recordkeeping system is your first defense against labor claims and employee lawsuits. With electronic records, you can quickly and effectively respond to document requests. Plus, you can maintain documentation which supports your position in potential employee disputes, including time records, employee manuals which outline your practice’s policies, and documented violations of these policies.

What to Do if You Have Questions
Even if you do not consider yourself to be “tech-savvy,” cloud based-systems are easy to implement and maintain, with a little help from the right people. HR for Health uses a cloud-based document vault, where your employee records are stored upon the moment of completion, and are online and available for access 24/7 from anywhere. If you have questions about your cloud system, reach out to HR for HEALTH for help. Simply open a support ticket titled “Cloud” and we will be happy to address any of your concerns. If you do not currently have an HR for HEALTH account, then please contact our sales department for more information on what HR for HEALTH can do for you.

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