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HR Insights with Ali: How to Write a Written Reprimand for Tardiness and Attendance Issues

Posted on 8/8/2017 by Ali Oromchian, Esq.
At HR for Health, we often hear from employers who seek to terminate an employee due to tardiness or attendance issues. However, one of the prevailing problems is the lack of documentation to support a termination relating to tardiness and attendance.

The Best Offense is a Strong Defense

Like all terminations, documentation is your defense against wrongful terminations complaints, and are deterrents for attorneys taking on a claim.

Below is some pertinent information you should be including in your written reprimand to an employee with issues pertaining to tardiness or attendance. A written reprimand is usually issued after a verbal warning, and conveys the importance of this issue to the offending employee. The written reprimand should contain the following information:

● An introduction making it clear that the letter is a written reprimand

● A clear description of the employee’s violations (such as a list of the days in which the employee was late or had an unauthorized absence)

● A description of why such activity hurts your Practice (which may seem self-explanatory but can help to clarify the situation); and

● An outline of the potential ramifications if the employee has additional issues with tardiness or unauthorized absences.

● The employee’s signature and date acknowledging receipt of the violation.

Documentation is necessary in protecting your Practice in cases of termination for cause. Like all forms of documentation, a written reprimand makes your position clear to your employee(s), and helps protect your Practice against future labor claims.


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