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Why You Should Make Employee Training a Priority

Posted on 3/28/2018 by Ali Oromchian, Esq.
For many employers simply surviving the hiring process can feel like making it to the other side of a gauntlet. That’s why it isn’t surprising when employers take the position that once they’ve found the right staff, their employee training can take a backseat. However, as time passes, failure to properly educate and update your staff can have a negative impact on your practice. Not only may your employees’ skills be out of date, but your workforce may be feeling underappreciated if you are not investing in their continuing education.

Training is especially crucial for new hires. Proper training upon commencement of employment will set the tone that you are:

1) Proactive and serious about refining skill sets expected of them –which down the road could protect you from wrongful termination claims, especially regarding poor performance. The easiest argument for ex-employees terminated for poor performance is that they were not properly trained to meet the unreasonable expectations expected of them. This is especially true when the practice has little to no documentation on record.

2) Exercising your due diligence in the prevention of sexual harassment and anti-discrimination policies. As an employer, you have the obligation to create a safe and non-hostile work environment. The first step for the practice is to ensure all staff members are educated and aware of sexual harassment and discrimination policies. Additionally, and possibly more importantly, is how affected parties report sexual harassment and discrimination claims. This should all be outlined in the initial training.

3) Giving your new hires an opportunity to ask questions and ensure your training methods are effective. This also allows you as the practice manager to gauge your new hire’s reception of this training, while also creating an open door for questions and concerns. Keep in mind, this is a new environment for both parties to become acclimated with one another.

As for your existing employees, continued professional development opportunities are critical in the overall performance of your staff. The more that you invest in your workforce, the more they will invest into their roles within your practice. By seeking out training and development opportunities for your staff, you are demonstrating the importance of each employee to the overall success of your business. Naturally, this will allow your staff to acquire new skills, increase contributions, and build self-esteem. By engaging in professional development, you are giving your employees the tools they need to perform at their best, which will benefit your practice.

If you have any questions about the benefits of employment training, HR for Health is more than happy to answer any questions. By opening a support ticket and letting us know your questions, we can help you with all of your HR needs.


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