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Recognizing Your Top Employees

Posted on 6/13/2018 by Michael Zamora
What makes a great employee? Many business owners would agree that a good employee shows up on time, works well with others, and completes work effectively. Most offices are fortunate to have a workforce of multiple good employees. But how do you separate good employees from great ones? The answer is often one of agility.

An agile employee is one who easily adjusts to changing environments. This is especially important now, given the increasing ways in which technology is impacting the workplace. New technological developments which could improve your workplace are useless if your employees aren't able to adjust to them. This is where agile employees can really shine. Also, agility isn't just about adjusting to technological changes, but to personal ones as well. For example, great employees are ones who can adjust their demeanor to suit patients who may be frustrated, in pain, or scared. Agile employees can adjust their attention among multiple tasks without becoming frustrated, and are able to demonstrate proficiency in a number of areas at once.

Recognizing employee agility can help you to retain your best workers by acknowledging their efforts. Great work also deserves to be rewarded, whether through pay raises, promotions, or even a simple written acknowledgment. Keep in mind that the difference between a good employee and a great one can mean a more pleasant and productive workplace, and a stronger business overall. Keep an eye out for employee agility and remember to give credit where it is due.

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