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Understanding Employment Relationships in Massachusetts

If you have a professional practice it is important that you understand employment relationships and the implications those relationships can have on how you operate your practice. Massachusetts has specific state laws that govern employment relationships—these laws apply in different situations and can affect everything from the type of leave you are required to offer your ...

Rhode Island’s New Noncompete Law and How it Impacts Your Practice

Earlier this year, Rhode Island passed a new law concerning the use of noncompete agreements with certain employees. One of the main purposes of the act is to protect young and low-wage employees but it can also have an impact on noncompete agreements for other employees. Because this law is new, it is important to understand how it may have an impact on your practice and on your ...

What’s New about New York’s Workplace Anti-Discrimination Law

In August 2019, New York’s Governor signed a law to expand anti-discrimination protections in the workplace. Recently, the state provided more detailed information on the new protections required by the law and guidance for employers. 

Here’s ...

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