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What Is Human Resources Software and Why Does Your Dental Practice Need It?

Nina Panugaling
Posted by Nina Panugaling on January 27, 2021

You have heard about human resources software but may not realize how much it can help your dental practice. Everyone uses some sort of software to help with their workflow, but HR software does more than that.

It can completely change how you do business while saving you money and improving your patient relationships. Most importantly, the right human resources platform and software can improve your level of care by making sure your practice overlooks no essential task. Whether you are a dentist, optometrist, or practice bookkeeper, HR for Health software can be an excellent tool.

What Is Human Resources Software?

Experts expect the HR software market to hit $10.9 billion by 2023. Companies of all types have incorporated them into their workflow. You may be familiar with the basics of these programs, but they are rapidly becoming more sophisticated. They are no longer restricted to payroll, benefits, and basic record-keeping. Cloud capabilities have given them greater accessibility and capacity. You can use them to take care of many HR tasks, such as time-off requests and benefits questions, while you focus on key employment areas that need your expertise.

In the dental field, HR software frees up professionals to deliver more patient care. Instead of spending hours on paperwork, you can let software programs handle much of it. You can then focus on your most important job: taking care of patients. 

In addition, performance management software helps front-office employees improve so they can better manage patient flow. That way, patients do not stack up in the waiting room while they wait for treatment. 

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Why Use Human Resources Software in Dentistry?

Using HR software benefits your dental practice in so many ways.

One of the biggest advantages is that it can reduce employee turnover. Replacing an employee can cost anywhere from one-half to double their annual salary. In some cases, that estimate is low. U.S. businesses spend $1 trillion a year on employee turnover. The dental industry, in particular, faces an increasing rate of turnover because of too many patients and not enough resources. Many in the dental field have concerns about their personal safety. In fact, 60% of nurses and 20% of doctors plan to leave the field due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dental clinics are struggling to keep their employees  because patients are staying away and causing financial strain. Your dental practice needs to retain its employees during this difficult time.

Additionally, HR software:

  • Can help relieve unnecessary stressors by ensuring that you take care of your team's needs by reducing paperwork and minimizing errors. Also, HR software helps you to recruit the right candidates for your practice in the first place, which means they are more likely to remain at your office for years. 
  • Saves everyone time and allows them to focus on their skill set instead of record-keeping. 
  • Helps keep providers such as chiropractors and therapists HIPAA compliant by safely storing employee certifications.
  • Enables you to evaluate the performance of your employees.
  • Reduces costs, allowing you to streamline your team and reduce unnecessary payroll expenses.

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The Different Types of HR Software

You can buy software programs that you keep and install on-site, or you can sign up for cloud services you pay to use, known as software as a service (SaaS). Both types have their advantages, although many companies now choose SaaS as their preferred method. HR software also fits into various categories, such as:

  • Training/Onboarding Software – these programs allow new hires to quickly get up to speed on company policies, job duties, industry compliance regulations, etc. Current employees can learn additional skills, new policies, and safety requirements by logging on.
  • Benefit Programs – This software lets you track employee time off, health insurance, retirement accounts, and more. It also manages pay, bonuses, and commissions. Payroll software, which falls into this category, delivers direct deposits, checks, and tax withholding, and completes other necessary tasks. 
  • Performance Management Software – These programs help you measure employee performance. They allow management members and employees to evaluate each other, deliver helpful feedback, and track goal attainment. 
  • Recruiting Software – this tool lets you handle recruitment needs, like application entry and candidate tracking, freeing you up for candidate evaluation and hiring.

These programs are not "one size fits all industries." You can find specialized programs to fit your practice’s needs with help from the experts at HR for Health.

How HR for Health Can Help

HR for Health offers an advanced software program that is specifically for dental practices. The demands on your employees are intense, but implementing the right software solutions can save you money, ease your team's workload, improve patient satisfaction, and deliver better care. 

HR for Health’s highly experienced team can provide the program that fits your particular needs. You can choose from software that handles: 

The HR for Health team can also help you manage other issues, such as hiring temporary workers, managing employee conflicts, or delivering COVID-19 information. If you have an HR need, our consultants have answers.

For more information about HR for Health, schedule a call or send a message. You will receive a fast and knowledgeable response from experts on all aspects of human resources.

Did you know that we at HR for Health monitor all the specific laws and regulations that affect your practice? If you have questions about compliance issues, please reach out to us. Schedule a call, call (877) 779-4747, or email now to learn more.

HR for Health is one of the nation’s leading Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) used by small to mid-sized practices. 

Quick note: This is not to be taken as legal or HR advice. Since employment laws change over time and can vary by location and industry, consult a lawyer or HR expert for specific guidance. Learn about HR for Health's HR services.


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