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Timekeeping: Why Accurate Timesheets Are So Important

Before the recent rise of automated tools and snazzy digital timesheets, office managers spent their time counting the days, hours, and minutes their dental, optometry, and veterinary employees worked. In the healthcare industry, that means keeping track of busy hygienists, dental assistants, optometrists, clinical teams, and front office teams. 

If you’re in charge of timekeeping, you know it’s your job to ensure accuracy and compliance, and you probably know how frustrating it is to piece together a puzzle of electronic entries, paper scribblings, and scattered sticky notes.

Thankfully, it’s no longer the 1990s — it’s the 2020s, and we’ve got some serious solutions for the age-old struggle with timekeeping. With a little knowledge — and a little software in your corner — you can streamline one of the most time-consuming (and potentially costly) components of human resources for the dental, optometry, and veterinary industries.

Benefits of Accurate Timesheets for Busy Dental, Optometry, & Veterinary Practices

Timekeeping: Why Accurate Timesheets Are So Important

Accurate timesheets are important to hygienists and employees because, like you, they should receive full and proper compensation for their work. Timesheets also play a vital role in keeping your practice running smoothly and staying compliant. 

State and federal compliance.

Correctly paid and system-monitored wages (including overtime and bonuses) help you stay violation-free and fine-free. HR for Health’s automated timesheets incorporate state-level requirements for accurate pay of hours worked, including overtime. It never hurts to double down on compliance and HR for Health's human resources platform can help. 

Increased protection from litigation.

Nobody likes dealing with unpaid wage claims — not employees, not the court system, and certainly not you. Even if you win, you’ve still lost money on legal fees (and gained some unnecessary stress). This is why you need accurate, accessible, automated timekeeping (and records).


Nobody likes dealing with unpaid wage claims —

not employees, not the court system, and certainly not you.


Adaptive, comprehensive solutions to common regulatory hang-ups.

Remember: you’re not just concerning yourself with the FLSA. There are a multitude of state laws too (including unpaid meal breaks, which vary significantly from state to state). Who wants to deal with state penalties on top of federal ones?

Maintaining IRS and DOL compliance.

These requirements include  potential records provision to the IRS for tax purposes and the Department of Labor for compliance needs..

Accessible, current, and actionable employee records.

This includes everything from schedule adherence to job performance. These people make up the body of your business — why keep this data buried in file cabinets, hidden in mysterious folders, or scattered between stapled papers and static spreadsheets?. 

Accurate timesheets are a single-point solution that saves your doctors, practice owners, and office managers time and stress — and the records are easily searchable, anytime.

HR for Health has the latest all-in-one HR software, featuring an integrated time clock, late clock-in alerts, IP address based clock-ins and many more easy solutions to your timekeeping woes. Check it out yourself!

Accurate, Automated Timesheets: One Less HR Problem to Worry About

Timekeeping: Why Accurate Timesheets Are So Important

Advances in HR software make keeping accurate timesheets simple, and places the responsibility on the employee to log their own hours. They can easily access their time records and keep them updated each day. If something is inaccurate, your optician or dental hygienist can quickly correct it or report it, as your handbook requires them to do. Plus, your employees feel more confident that their timesheets are correct when they input the information directly.

The right HR timekeeping software also ties the employee’s timesheets directly to their username. This component protects their privacy and ensures that your office manager gets the correct information for each team member. Plus, this feature prevents employees from clocking in when they’re not actually at work. The IP address only allows them to clock in while at the practice. 

Dental, optometry, and veterinary professionals work long hours providing the best care possible to their patients. As a result, they have little time to track their hours. You can help them and your office manager with an all-in-one HR software solution.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ for more information on automated timekeeping

How HR for Health Can Help

About HR for Health 
HR for Health is an all-in-one HR software solution dedicated to helping the dental, optometry, and veterinary industries. Our human resources platform features all the tools practice owners need to manage payroll, timekeeping, 401(k), and more with total integration and ease. 


Whether you’re looking for HR support for a small business or you’re a large group dental practice, HR for Health has the solution to fit your practice and budget. Reach out to a HR for Health account representative to learn more, today.