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HRFH DSO Webinar (Planmeca)

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HR for Health's DSO Summit Webinar Series

Setting Your Group Up for Success: Implementation Playbook

Aired September 30, 2022

Your new clinical technology equipment is installed and ready to go. So, what should be your next steps? Unfortunately, too many dental providers face conflicts when there is a lack of alignment between reaching the practice's goal and fulfilling its purpose – profitability and world-class patient care. How can you better manage the challenges of adoption to reduce the stress of implementation?

With this webinar, "Setting Your Group Up for Success - Implementation Playbook," learn the steps to achieve synergy across your clinician and business teams that increase key performance metrics that result in a win for the entire team.

Here is what you'll uncover:

  • The value of creating a robust business case
  • The fundamentals of baseline and performance measurement
  • Essential messaging points for developing your very own A-team  
  • The keys to defining growth opportunities in partnership with your practice
  • How to properly stage implementation of new technology to reach business goals

Presented by HR for Health & Planmeca USA

HRFH and Planmeca Webinar Speakers

Webinar will be recorded if you can't make it.