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Managing Time-off Requests: It's Time to Retire the Sticky Notes!


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Managing Time-off Requests: It's Time to Retire the Sticky Notes! 

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When we discuss the topic of time-off and employee requests for time-off, we find that there are differing opinions on how to effectively approach the process. While there exists the desire to effectively manage it, many may not be aware of the tools available to assist them with streamlining the process while also maintaining compliance. In this webinar our Product Lead, Ryann Danna, will discuss what it means to effectively manage the time-off request process, common scenarios that practices face and solutions to help you establish both an effective time-off request process and tips for handling the time-off requests. 

This webinar covers:

      1. Effectively Managing Time Off Requests
      2. Common Scenarios that Practices Encounter
      3. Our Software as the Solution




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Aired April. 29, 2022

Presented by HR for Health

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Ryann Danna, Product Trainer and Education Lead | HR for Health