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Top 5 Pitfalls Practice Owners Make with HR Compliance


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Top 5 Pitfalls Practice Owners Make with HR Compliance

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The healthcare industry regularly faces HR compliance updates, and with the added variable of COVID-19, the rules and regulations have only become more complicated and difficult to keep up with. During this webinar, HR for Health co-founder and renowned employment attorney, Ali Oromchian will walk you through the top five HR compliance pitfalls to watch out for, and solutions to safeguard you from those pitfalls.

You'll Learn:

          • What HR Compliance is and Why it Should Matter to You
          • What the 5 HR Compliance Pitfalls Are and How to Achieve Compliance in those Areas
          • Why Implementing HR Software is the solution


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Aired April. 15, 2022

Presented by HR for Health

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Ali Oromchian, JD, LL.M, Co-Founder & CEO | HR for Health