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HR for Health's DSO Summit Webinar Series

Settling for "Less"? Not Today. Learn How to Optimize Radiographs in Your Dental Practice

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Quality and consistency are hard to come by when it comes to radiographs. Join us for an exclusive Q&A to understand how to get the most out of yours. Dr. Patel and RDH, Rachel Paul, will answer all of your questions and give you proven advice on how to ask your hygienist for exactly what you need as they perform radiographs in your practice.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

      • How to approach a situation when a radiograph re-take is necessary
      • How personalities of your doctors and employees affect achieving an optimal radiograph
      • Factors that contribute to optimal radiograph usage and outcomes
Enjoy this interactive Q&A webinar with practicing doctors and hygienists!




Wed., August 31st

Presented by HR for Health & Jazz Imaging

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