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Customized Employee Handbook


An employee handbook customized to your specialty, state regulations and individual practice culture, sets standards for performance and protects against HR related legal claims.

  • Developed by employment attorneys and HR specialists
  • Policies and HR best practices tailored to your practice's goals and culture
  • Federal AND state-compliant policies tailored to the size and specific location of your practice
  • Annual updates and revisions included at no extra charge

Support and HR Advising When You Need It

Whether you have a technical question and need assistance with features on the site or you have complex employees issues, our team is here to ensure all of your issues are resolved confidently.

  • Emergency issue escalation with legal team
  • Services and documents vetted by leading healthcare employment attorneys
  • Direct access to a team of HR advisers and support
  • Alerts to changes in HR laws specific to your location
  • No additional fees for support or training

Time and Attendance Tracking



Save time and money with a seamless, integrated time-clock and detailed documentation.

  • Breaks, lunches and overtime timestamped and documented for wage-and-hour compliance
  • Absences and tardies documented for objective performance data
  • Access to real-time benefit accruals, including sick leave, paid time off, and vacation balances
  • Leaves of absence requests documented and stored in the cloud



Performance and Task Management Tools


Manage tasks, violations, and kudos to ensure that discipline and performance reviews are consistent.

  • Progressive discipline violations and performance review templates
  • Email alerts for tardies, absences, overtime, anniversaries, certification expiration, and more
  • Performance score automatically scores based on violations and attendance history 
  • Notes, violations and signatures are documented to exercise due diligence 

Cloud-based Document Vault

A detailed record keeping system is your first defense against labor claims and employee lawsuits—don’t misplace documents when you need them most.  Easily store, maintain and access all federal and state-required documents for legally-mandated time periods.

  • All records stored in individual employee files
  • Role-based access protects sensitive and confidential data
  • Routine backups to cloud-based servers
  • Access documents from anywhere

Automation of Required Documents

Immediately send and store all necessary documents in your portal for guaranteed completion and accessibility.

  • All federal and state documents securely stored for each new hire, from day one
  • Legal updates keep you current with changing laws and documents
  • Automated processes for e-signatures, verification notifications & reminders, secure storage, time-stamping and more



Integrated 1-Click Payroll


Fully integrated payroll means the elimination of the tedious manual entries, cutting and pasting, and importing of CSV files associated with blending a third-party payroll company.

  • One-click payroll submission limits running payroll to minutes
  • Unlimited payroll processing and compliance, including streamlined final paychecks
  • Direct deposit tax filings and garnishments/payments
  • Scheduled deductions (401K, health insurance and more)


Electronic signatures enhance the accuracy of documentation while saving time and money. 

  • Track document signage and completion online
  • Enhanced security and accuracy
  • Timestamped signage tracking ensures ALL documents are executed in mandatory new hire time periods
  • Documents are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year



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We finally made a decision to have an outside service manage our HR. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made. The team at HR for health has been prompt, and efficient. It has made our lives so easy and the best part is that we know we are compliant with the law and are never in the dark about touchy topics such as termination and paid family leave. They respond to all our questions within a day and even track our benefits for our employees. There is no maintaining paper files anymore. Our employees can go online and look at everything in their records. Our handbook is the best we have ever had, very particular and detailed so that we as a company are as protected as our employees. They are worth every penny when we live in such a litigious society!

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Dr. Rabee McDonald, DMD, Lifetime Smiles, Escondido, CA