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2023 State of HR: Trends & Insights from 1,500 Practitioners 

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We surveyed more than 1,500 healthcare practitioners in the dental, optometry and chiropractic industries. 

  • What do healthcare practices struggle with right now?
  • What’ll get your dental practice sued?
  • How can your optometry office avoid audits?
HR Software for Optometrists

A Stress-Free Approach to HR

Simple. Compliant. Dental & Medical HR. Never worry about HR again. We make healthcare HR easy, affordable, automatic, and legally compliant (so your employees are well-managed… and you don’t lose your a** to nasty lawsuits).
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Healthcare HR Reimagined

HR for Health is designed for healthcare practices by healthcare professionals.
If you own a dental, medical, optometry, chiropractic or veterinary practice, we’re the only HR solution that makes sense.
Our team of HR experts are here to help you.

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