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7 Tips for a Successful Onboarding

Employee onboarding is a key indicator of a successful team. Sixty-nine percent of people who have a good onboarding experience stay with their company for three years or more. For healthcare ...

Best Practices For When You Revise Your Employee Handbook

When you hire new employees, you discuss the details of your practice and the job you’re offering them and let them decide if it’s worthwhile to accept a position at your facility. But changing the rules in your employee handbook for current employees can go sideways very quickly and can lead to workplace ...

Onboarding vs Orientation: What's the Difference

In the business world, the term "orientation" is rarely used anymore. Instead, companies use the word "onboarding" to describe the process of integrating a new employee into the company. In practice, some companies are really just changing the name of what they've always done. But onboarding is a much richer experience than the orientation process.

How to Implement Your Employee Handbook Effectively With Your Team

Employee handbooks are more than a collection of policies and procedures. When developed and socialized properly, they can reduce risk and increase employee engagement. 

The primary goal of employee handbooks is to outline safety procedures, review relevant local, ...

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