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    Fines, Fees, and Penalties: The High Price of Bypassing Your HR Audit

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    What Is a Human Resources Audit?
    Purpose of HR Audit
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    What Malpractice Insurance Doesn’t Cover: The Cost of HR Mistakes in the Medical Industry

    You wouldn’t ever operate as a doctor without malpractice insurance, but countless medical practices — especially smaller private practices — operate without a dedicated human resources team. It’s just as risky. 

    Healthcare Background Checks: The Essential Guide

    Conducting healthcare background checks is a necessity for medical offices. There are a few things employers should know, however, before moving forward.

    What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Why Background Checks are a Must in Healthcare

    Background checks are a must in healthcare. It’s just too dangerous to skip them, because you are responsible for the care they provide to your patients. 

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