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Make your human resources more human

Retaining top talent is hard. A top-performing HR solution makes it easier. Look like an HR superstar and get time back to actually run your practice. 

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  • Attendance tracking

    Track time in the cloud so everyone can see it instantly, and revisit it forever.

  • Violation tracking

    Violations are painful for your practice. We make recording them as painless as possible.

  • Private notes

    Add extra context and reminders for yourself, that only you can see.

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  • HR reminders & alerts

    Alert! Alert! You forgot something. But what?

    You and your employees are… human. Some days we forget to clock in. Some days we forget to clock out. Fridays we forget everything because it’s the friggin’ weekend baby. 

    HR for Health lets you set simple alerts in your employee portal so you won’t forget again. Because humans are just human. But HR for Health makes you a cyborg.

    Stop forgetting today
  • Time tracking & time off

    Pen & paper? Practically medieval. Track time in the cloud.

    It’s simple to manage time online. We practically perfected it. Stop scribbling. Track all your time stuff in the cloud.


    Need to check an old timesheet? Enter or view PTO? See who was in on a specific day? Or (whisper it) deal with a lawsuit about termination or compensation? It’s all there when you need it.

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  • Multi-location support

    Five offices. Fifty timesheets. One solution.

    You’ve got multiple locations, employees who work in multiple places, different pay scales, different tax structures, you’re getting overwhelmed. It’s ok, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


    HR for Health handles multiple locations easy-breezy. And if employees clock in and out in different spots, that’s just fine. It gets tracked and handled. No sweat.

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Werner Optometry

Despite having the best of intentions, we were not compliant. I was fearful I’d find myself in a situation that I would not know how to handle. Now, I sleep with and absence of anxiety and frustration.

Aaron Werner
  • Tasks & To Do’s

    Help your employees get sh*t done

    On time is everything in healthcare. “I need this claim filed by EoD Friday. Don’t start before 2:15 on Wednesday.” With HR for Health, you can set reminders so tasks gets done on time every time.

    Your practice, your patients, and your employees will thank you.

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  • Birthday & milestone reminders

    Remember the big (and little) moments

    Milestone Reminders

    Never miss the important achievements, awards, and events that make your people feel like part of the team. Employees will think you’re a management mastermind. They don’t need to know you had help.

    Birthday Reminders

    Don’t know about you, but we remember birthdays about as well as we remember the capital of Honduras (it’s Tegucigalpa). With birthday alerts, you’ll never have to think about the word “belated” again.

    Start remembering today
  • Pay raise implementation

    Raise morale as soon as you raise pay

    Today’s the day they finally get their raise. Great! But when do they actually get it and how will they know? 

    With our online employee portal, your people can see their pay raise take effect in real-time. And that means a lot fewer impatient emails in your inbox.

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  • Separation & offboarding solutions

    Make sure separation doesn’t mean more anxiety

    When someone quits (or gets fired) why can’t that just be the end? We wish it was that simple. Since it’s not, we built solutions to help ease the pain for you.

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Partner with HR for Health

HR for doctors who don’t do HR

Take a deep breath… Your HR’s done. It’s automated. Digital. Secure. 

Sounds like heaven, right?

  • Full-service payroll
  • Employee benefits
  • Time and attendance
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Talent management
  • Insights and reporting

On-demand HR Support

HR questions should be answered by certified HR pros… not a friend or a cousin.*

* Unless they’re certified HR professionals

Get your very own on-demand HR team (without the extra payroll expenses). You can shoot us an email or call our HR hotline during your workday, or access the HR Knowledge Base 24/7.

Get the HR expertise you need, at a price you can afford
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What makes our HR solution different?

  • It’s in the name:
    HR for Health.

    There’s a lot of HR software solutions out there, but there’s only one that’s designed by a practitioner and an attorney specifically for dental and medical practices. That’s us. Every feature, function, and product is designed for healthcare teams. No other HR solution can say that.

  • Customized & Compliant Handbooks

    You don’t need to keep up with employment law, but your policies definitely do. We automatically update your policies and handbooks to account for changes to laws and regulations at the local, state, and even federal levels.

  • Compliance-First. Always.

    Just because you haven’t faced a lawsuit doesn’t mean it’s not coming. Other software leaves compliance up to you. We take care of it with a total solution that ensures you stay legal.

  • Practice Protection = Profit Protection

    Every year thousands of practices are attacked with expensive lawsuits that not only cost a lot but cause irreparable reputational damage. Simply keeping compliant allows you to mitigate nearly 99%* of HR-related legal claims. *1% of legal claims require beating someone with a stick.

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