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Put happier, more efficient employees on your calendar

Employee Scheduler

Manual, outdated team scheduling means wasted hours, miscommunication, and lurking compliance gaps. Time for the effortless, compliant, and insightful HR for Health scheduling solution.

Build a better practice through a better employee scheduler
  • Create employee schedules in seconds

    Our simple interface means making employee schedules is a drag-and-drop delight

  • See conflicts and coverage gaps

    Make sure you’ve always got the right people on the right shifts. No more wasting time comparing and revising schedules. 

  • Track attendance and tardiness

    Good management starts with good measurement. See the stats you need to improve your practice’s performance.

Trusted by thousands of practices nationwide

  • Scheduling & Time Clock Integration

    Connect your clock and calendar

    Time is on your side when your schedule and time clock work together. 

    Your employees can start work anywhere, record their clock-in location, and do it all in an easy-to-use Clock-In Portal. It even has integrated reporting and fraud protection.

    So you can control costs, keep track of everyone at your practice, and help everyone spend less time on admin drudgery.

    Explore everything our time clock can do
    Connect your clock and calendar
  • Compliance

    Replace creeping doubt with confident compliance

    Manually tracking certifications, licenses, training, and even the daily in-and-outs of your team can be a nightmare. If you miss a step, you’re vulnerable to audits and fines.

    That’s why HR for Health has built-in compliance features and alerts. So you always know what has to be done to keep you on the right side of legal.

    Protect your practice with the most compliant platform
    Replace creeping doubt with confident compliance
  • Insights

    Leave guessing to game show contestants

    This isn’t Who Wants to be a Millionaire. This is your practice. And you need to see the total picture. That’s nearly impossible without a centralized system. So important choices become a shot in the dark.

    It’s time to make data-driven decisions. Generate reports, analyze trends, and identify scheduling gaps with ease. Because smart employees and patients choose smart practices.

    Discover all of the insights you can see on our employee dashboard
    Leave guessing to game show contestants
Werner Optometry

Despite having the best of intentions, we were not compliant. I was fearful I’d find myself in a situation that I would not know how to handle. Now, I sleep with and absence of anxiety and frustration.

Aaron Werner
  • People Management

    Better scheduling for a better day at work

    When scheduling is simple, accurate, and visible, employees are happier and sh*t gets done.

    Our employee scheduler, paired with our people management tools, means you can manage fatigue and overtime, simplify meal and rest break compliance, and avoid the frustration of clunky systems.

    That’s less agonizing admin and more focusing on patient and practice success.

    Peruse our powerful people management tools
    Better scheduling for a better day at work
  • Performance Management

    Accurate schedules that advance careers

    Visibility unlocks HR excellence. With accurate information and infinite insights, you can coach, improve, and retain your people like never before.

    Our employee scheduler helps you build and maintain complete, accurate employee schedules built around requirements like continuing education.

    Our performance management tools help turn those schedules into a total picture of your employees’ strengths, challenges, and areas to improve.

    Discover how HR for Health helps your practitioners and team perform better
    Accurate schedules that advance careers

    Partner with HR for Health

    HR for doctors who don’t do HR

    Take a deep breath… Your HR’s done. It’s automated. Digital. Secure. 

    Sounds like heaven, right?

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      Full-service payroll
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      Employee benefits
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      Time and attendance
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      Hiring and onboarding
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      Talent management
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      Insights and reporting

    On-demand HR Support

    HR questions should be answered by certified HR pros… not a friend or a cousin.*

    * Unless they’re certified HR professionals

    Get your very own on-demand HR team (without the extra payroll expenses). You can shoot us an email or call our HR hotline during your workday, or access the HR Knowledge Base 24/7.

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    Get the HR expertise you need, at a price you can afford
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    What makes our HR solution different?

    • It’s in the name: HR for Health.
      It’s in the name:
      HR for Health.

      There’s a lot of HR software solutions out there, but there’s only one that’s designed by a practitioner and an attorney specifically for dental and medical practices. That’s us. Every feature, function, and product is designed for healthcare teams. No other HR solution can say that.

    • Customized & Compliant Handbooks
      Customized & Compliant Handbooks

      You don’t need to keep up with employment law, but your policies definitely do. We automatically update your policies and handbooks to account for changes to laws and regulations at the local, state, and even federal levels.

    • Compliance-First. Always.
      Compliance-First. Always.

      Just because you haven’t faced a lawsuit doesn’t mean it’s not coming. Other software leaves compliance up to you. We take care of it with a total solution that ensures you stay legal.

    • Practice Protection = Profit Protection
      Practice Protection = Profit Protection

      Every year thousands of practices are attacked with expensive lawsuits that not only cost a lot but cause irreparable reputational damage. Simply keeping compliant allows you to mitigate nearly 99%* of HR-related legal claims. *1% of legal claims require beating someone with a stick.

    Employee Scheduler FAQs

    Better HR software, made simple.

    Our team of HR experts are here to help you. Let’s connect.

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    Our team of HR experts are here to help you. Let’s connect.

    Welcome to the HR software suite that will change your life.

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    Welcome to the HR software suite that will change your life.