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HR for Health

HR is complex.

We make it

Simple. Compliant. Dental & Medical HR. Never worry about HR again. We make healthcare HR easy, affordable, automatic, and legally compliant (so your employees are well-managed… and you don’t lose your a** to nasty lawsuits).

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  • Top-rated HR compliance software
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The HR Risk Factor

  • $

    Average Cost of Employee Lawsuits

  • $

    Annual Cost to Maintain a Legal Employee Handbook

  •  months

    Average Length of Time to Resolve
    an Employee Lawsuit

Employee Handbooks for Healthcare

What’s the secret to staying ahead of HR lawsuits? Little ole’ thing called handbooks. Not copy/paste handbooks. We’re talking fully customized, 100% local, state, and federally compliant handbooks that are always up-to-date (and it’s all done for you).

Dental and medical HR Compliance

Hassle-Free HR Compliance

You're in the healthcare industry, not the HR industry. We get it. You want to focus on providing quality care to your patients, not worry about HR compliance. That’s where we come in. HR software for dental and medical practices that simplifies HR management and provides bulletproof compliance you can count on. Trust us, your team (and your sanity) will thank you.

  • HR Automation = Employee Efficiency

    Take a break and automate. It’s about working smarter, not harder. HR for Health automates your daily HR challenges so you can stop making that pursed-lip growly noise every time you have to deal with “people problems.”

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  • Innovative, Integrated Time Clock

    Say goodbye to PTO and payroll headaches with our integrated time clock. Our timekeeping tools put the ownership back on the employee while ensuring full oversight and approvals for your management team. With early and late clock-in alerts, time tracking, and more, you'll wonder why you ever considered any other solution.

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  • Pain-Free Management: Hiring. Onboarding. Separation.

    Need a front office person? Onboard your latest team? Want to fire “Angry Steve” who shows up late and makes bad coffee (and not get sued for it)? We make talent management a breeze.

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  • Seamless Payroll Processing

    Seems like a basic HR function, right? You’d be surprised how many HR solutions mess it up with incorrect pay rates, wrong time-clocks and messy reporting. Thankfully, HR for Health is made for the unique needs of healthcare practice payroll.

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  • Outsourced HR Advisor

    Sometimes you need a little guidance. Yes, we do HR software, but we’re like an HR-Life-Coach, too. Turn to our team of SHRM-certified HR experts for advice about all your weird challenges and for help to work through HR nightmares you only thought existed in horror movies.

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Get the 2023 State of HR Report

Each year, our HR experts gather data from thousands of doctors across the country to identify trends, best practices, and key data insights from the industry. This year, our researchers focused on topics like how much dental and medical practices spent on handbooks, how often they got sued for compliance issues, and how you can avoid the same tragic fate going forward. Download your free report to discover the latest trends now.

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State of hr report

Like a сomprehensive HR Department
(but affordable)

Save your practice tens of thousands on annual HR expenses with HR for Health.

  • Employee Self-Onboarding
  • New Hire Checklists
  • Employee Add Wizard
  • Custom Employee Handbook
  • Integrated eSignature
  • Internal Email Communication
  • Healthcare Job Description Wizard
  • Compliance Alerts
  • Cloud-Based and Secure Software
  • Auto-Updates for New Laws and Policies
  • Multi-Location Compatibility
  • Unlimited Document Storage
  • HR Education and Tools
  • Time Clock and Tracking
  • Overtime Alerts
  • New Location Clock-In Alerts
  • Built-In Federal, State, and Local Compliance
  • Integrated Legal Team for Additional Support*
  • Email Reminders to Employees
  • Auto Paid Time Off Payroll Sync
  • Team of Trained, Certified HR Experts
  • Document Request Segmentation
  • 91+ Value Added Industry Partnerships
  • Time-Off Request and Approval Portal
  • Manager Dashboard
  • Document Viewing & Signing Tracking
  • Pre-Loaded Offer Letter Templates
  • Birthday & Milestone Reminders
  • Reporting & Insights
  • Manager Time Clock Review and Approval
  • On-Demand HR Resource Center
  • One-Click, Integrated Payroll
  • Next-day direct deposit*
  • Dual-Performance Review System
  • Compliant Bonus Payroll Calculations
  • Document Dashboard
  • Healthcare, Dental, Medical, Optometry Job Description Template Library
  • Performance Improvement Tracking
  • Call the HR Hotline
  • Compliant Overtime Payroll Calculations
  • HR Task Reminders & Alerts for Employees
  • Customizable Performance Review Forms
  • PTO & Sick Leave Policy Management
  • Worker’s Comp Insurance Support
  • Performance Review Templates
  • New Document Email Alerts to Employees
  • Violation Tracking & Reporting
  • Employee HR Notes Section
  • 401k Retirement Planning
  • Organized Off-Boarding
  • Compliant Termination
  • Separation Documentation
  • Final Paycheck Support
  • C.E. & Certification Hub
  • Certification Expiration Emails
  • Onboarding Concierge
  • Custom User Permissions
  • Phone, Email, Chat Support
  • Simple Pricing, Monthly Auto-Pay
  • Dedicated HR Advisor Team
  • Full-service multi-state payroll including W-2s and 1099s
  • HR for Health-Brokered Health Insurance Administration
  • HR for Health-Brokered Business Insurance Administration

*Additional costs may apply

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Compliance? Who Cares…

Unless you burn cash for fun, you should care about compliance. It’s literally all that stands between your practice and a multi-million-dollar lawsuit. Need proof? Here’s a case study about a healthcare practice that lost their shirt in a lawsuit that could’ve been avoided.

Read The Case Study Here

What Our Clients Say

Werner Optometry

Despite having the best of intentions, we were not compliant. I was fearful I’d find myself in a situation that I would not know how to handle. Now, I sleep with an absence of anxiety and frustration. Rainbows, unicorns, and raining skittles! These are the words I use to describe my life after implementing HR for Health. Cannot recommend it enough!

DR. AARON WERNER, ODWerner Optometry

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HR for Health is designed for healthcare practices by healthcare professionals. If you own a dental, medical, optometry, chiropractic or veterinary practice, we’re the only HR solution that makes sense.

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