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The #1 and ONLY HR software dedicated to protecting thousands of medical and dental practices across the country. Ready to see a compliance-forward HR solutions designed for the unique needs of healthcare practices? Let's get started.

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Meet the All-In-One HR, Payroll, & 401(k)  solution designed specifically for healthcare practices.

Here at HR for Health, we pride ourselves on empowering business owners with the resources they need to improve their practice all the while avoiding legal pitfalls.

The reality is, when it comes to HR software, compliance isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a must-have. Whether you’re dealing with employee conflicts, claims, or poor performance, HR for Health is committed to you, your practice, and your employees. 

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Your Partner in Compliance

Avoid Lawsuits, Save Money, & Boost Employee Performance

Employee Handbooks

Customized to your practice, state regulations, and company culture. We've made it easy to create employee handbooks with downloadable templates to help set standards and stay compliant. 

Legal & HR Advising

We're here when you need it most. Whether your question is technical or a complex employment issue, our HR and legal teams are always ready to step in assist even in the most difficult situations. 

Accurate Timekeeping

Looking to make payroll a little easier? Our integrated time clock makes management and compliance a breeze. Stay on top of employee performance with early and late clock-in alerts, time tracking, and more! 

Putting the HUMAN in Human Resources 

9 common hr misakes from dentists

9 Common HR Mistakes &
How to Easily Fix Them

You might be surprised to find out that you're committing one or all (!) of the 9 most common HR mistakes in your practice. While these mistakes can be costly to your practice, it's not too late to fix them!

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