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Trends & Insights from 1,500+ Practitioners

The State of HR 2023:

What do healthcare practices struggle with right now? What’ll get your dental practice sued? How can your chiropractic office avoid audits? Discover all of this and more when you read our full report for 2023 now.

Trends & Insights from 1,500+ Practitioners
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What Kind of Practice Are You?

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    Did you know 100% of dentists think HR compliance is at least twice as bad as a root canal? That’s not in the official report, but if you search yourself, you know it’s true. Thankfully, we’ve got a simple way to never have to deal with compliance again. Read more here…

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    Even optometry clinics struggle with HR issues. It’s not just compliance. Read our report and try to not cry as you’re faced with the INSANE hours you (owners and office managers) personally spend dealing with HR problems instead of helping people. Then let us show you how HR for Health can help you. 🙂

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    Chiropractic work is supposed to be about helping ans like local, state, and federal regulators only want to bring you down. Here’s what more than 300 chiropractors reported about the HR challenges they’re dealing with right now.


How does your practice HR compare to industry standards?

Knowing your industry's data is only half the battle. Learning from it and implementing solutions is where rubber meets the road. If HR compliance (or all the other parts of HR like payroll, benefits, employee management…) are a huge pain in your butt and you want a better solution, let’s hook you up with a free demo now.

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