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Paws for a Moment: COVID-19 Resources for Veterinary Employers

COVID-19 has been a challenge for everyone in the healthcare industry, including medical professionals who treat four-legged patients. While you’re busy helping clients and their pets, you still have a practice to manage — as COVID-19 continues to put a strain on even the most mundane daily tasks.

For many people, pets have been a source of comfort throughout the pandemic. Caring for animals during a difficult time can make all the difference in the world for someone who relies on a pet for companionship or medical assistance. This is why it’s vital to keep your team safe, your clients protected, and your practice up and running by staying on top of the latest COVID-19 resources for veterinary employers.

Paws for a Moment: COVID-19 Resources for Veterinary Employers

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy/Declination Forms for Veterinary Employers

Below are links to sample forms and templates regarding vaccination policies, and declination and declaration of vaccination status. If you use any of these forms, you may need to customize certain pieces of information to conform to your state’s laws or regulations. If you have questions regarding guidance on veterinary practice management, contact HR for Health to schedule your HR consultation by booking time here, or simply call 877-779-4747, and select option one.

⦿ OSHA: Sample Vaccination Policy Form (PDF)

⦿ COVID-19 Policies Guide & Vaccination Declination Form

⦿ Dept. of Labor: Mandatory Vaccination Policy Template

⦿ OSHA: Vaccination or Testing and Face Covering Template

COVID-19 Exposure Flowchart

Below is a COVID-19 exposure flowchart experience that may help you manage an incident at your veterinary clinic. Always seek a medical consultation in the event of a potential COVID-19 exposure, including among vaccinated team members. The associated questionnaire takes approximately two minutes to complete.

⦿ COVID-19 Exposure & Positive Test Result for Veterinary Employee or Patient

Veterinary Practice COVID-19 Quarantine & Safety Guidance

The following are links containing information to help you keep your veterinary clinic safe during COVID-19. As with all public health concerns, you’re encouraged to review the guidelines set by your state and local officials in order to remain in compliance with mandates and laws affecting your area.

⦿ COVID-19: Clinic Administration & Patient Care Guidance

⦿ A Guide to Mitigating the Risk of Infection in Veterinary Practices During COVID-19

⦿ FDA: COVID-19 Resources for Health Professionals

⦿ COVID-19 Update: FDA Helps Facilitate Veterinary Telemedicine During Pandemic

⦿ What to Do When Your Employee Refuses the COVID-19 Vaccine

⦿ CDC: Managing Healthcare Operations During COVID-19

⦿ Gov. Inslee’s Vaccine Mandate Does Not Apply to Veterinarians and Their Teams

⦿ AAHA: Some Veterinary Hospitals Would Fall Under White House Vaccine Mandate

Blog Posts & News ItemsPaws for a Moment: COVID-19 Resources for Veterinary Employers

Below are some helpful blog posts and general news items about recent concerns and questions in the veterinary industry regarding COVID-19 and practice management. Included is information from the CDC, the University of Illinois, Cornell University Baker Institute for Animal Health, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and more.

As with anything related to COVID-19, information is subject to change. Please review the latest guidance from local officials regarding policies, regulations, and laws in your area.

⦿ AVMA: COVID-19 Impact on Veterinary Practices

⦿ CDC: Interim Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for Veterinary Clinics Treating Companion Animals

⦿ University of Illinois: COVID-19 Recommendations for Veterinary Practices

⦿ AVMA: SARS-CoV2 in Animals

⦿ COVID-19 Impact on Veterinary Practices

⦿ So, Who Has to Pay for the Cost of COVID-19 Testing in Your Practice?

⦿ How to Handle Vaccination Requirements with Veterinary Employees

⦿ COVID-19 Business Strategy and Economic Impact

⦿ Arizona VMA: Are We in a Veterinary Workforce Crisis?

⦿ Pet Ownership Surged During COVID-19. Veterinarians Are Exhausted.


Learn how HR for Health can ease practice management concerns for vet employers during COVID-19 and beyond. Click here now to book an HR consultation, or call 877-779-4747, and select option one.


Webinar and Live Q&A Sessions

Paws for a Moment: COVID-19 Resources for Veterinary EmployersDisclaimer: COVID-19 is a continually evolving public health concern. As such, information contained in the following webinars may be outdated or subject to further discussion. Please note the published date of each presentation while viewing.

⦿ Cornell University, Baker Institute for Animal Health: Understanding COVID-19 and Preventing the Next Pandemic

⦿ Addressing Challenges in Veterinary Practice Post COVID-19

⦿ Ontario Shelter Medicine Association: Spay/Neuter and TNR During COVID-19: Information for Canadian Animal Shelters

⦿ Virginia Tech: COVID-19 and Veterinary Best Practices

⦿ Veterinary Practice News: COVID-19 Myths Debunked

⦿ COVID-19: A Virologist’s Perspective for Veterinarians, Part 1

⦿ COVID-19: A Virologist’s Perspective for Veterinarians, Part 2

⦿ Dept. of Labor: Updates on FFCRA Eligibility

⦿ A Guide to Reopening Veterinary Medicine in Washington State, Phase 3

⦿ WSVMA Webinar Series on COVID-19 and Practice Management

 How HR for Health Can Help

If you are a veterinary professional who has questions regarding practice management strategies during this unprecedented time, HR for Health can help. Schedule your HR consultation today by booking time here, or call 877-779-4747, and select option one.

Note: The above has been provided for informational purposes only. No information presented is designed to serve as legal or medical advice. You are encouraged to contact your attorney before making any legal decisions related to COVID-19 and changes at your practice or guidance provided to your team.

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