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HR for Health Feature Spotlight: Employee Handbook

UPDATED 12/21/22

You know it by many names: employee handbook, company policy manual, staff handbook, or even employee manual.

No matter what name you might use, it is one of the most important tools used to ensure compliance and communication at your dental, optometry, physical therapy, or veterinary practice.


HR for Health Feature Spotlight: Employee Handbook

Seamlessly create an employee handbook with this customized questionnaire.


Effective communication is essential to the growth and success of your practice, but in order to achieve this goal, you must stick to all relevant employment laws and create a positive employment relationship with your team members.

If your employees feel disconnected, out-of-touch, or confused about policies and procedures, you’re opening yourself up for liability issues if they don’t follow the policies implemented to protect you. Lack of communication also leads to stress and burnout, misunderstandings about company culture, code of conduct, challenges in the employee relationship, and an overall loss of productivity and profits. 

All of those factors contribute to high turnover, which costs the healthcare industry millions. Poor communication and lack of strong leadership are key factors in why your employees may leave. You can solve many of the most basic HR issues with a state- and industry-specific  employee handbook which HR for Health makes easy to create. 

Streamline Your Onboarding Process with a Custom Employee Handbook

A comprehensive, cloud-based HR software solution with custom employee handbook options simplifies communication, reducing time spent and mistakes made when onboarding your new employees. It’s easy to imagine the immediate benefits of implementing such tools, especially when it's integrated with your human resources platform. 

An employee handbook created by using an HR software will continue to protect your interests and allow you to be clear about the mission statement of your practice. It allows you to tap into a wide range of other essential benefits when you work with HR for Health to optimize your practice. It can ensure that you are clear about your mission statement, note your compliance with relevant federal law, explain eligibility for benefits, and much more.

Give us a call to find out how we can help! 


Create Your FREE Employee Handbook Now:

Handbook Generator (1200 × 628 px)


Reduce HR Headaches with our Customized Handbook Builder

Our customized employee handbook takes the mundane parts out of onboarding, communications, policies, and procedures. It’s designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, so you can quickly add or delete details that sync with the needs of your practice. Discuss your questions and pain points with an HR specialist today!

Our HR software speeds up the whole process of creating your employee handbook, so you and your team can focus on your jobs. We focused on building this new employee handbook in our software because we constantly hear practice owners are looking for a more customized, easy-to-update employee handbook.  


HR for Health Feature Spotlight: Employee Handbook

HR for Health handbook questionnaire process.


Why Dentists, Optometrists, Physical Therapists, and Veterinarians Need A Custom Employee Handbook

Custom employee handbook features are part of the HR software, which will revolutionize and inspire confidence as you manage your team like a pro. There’s no more guessing or indecision. You have all the answers at your fingertips. Using HR for Health’s custom software to optimize your employee handbook will offer a range of benefits. 

Here are just a few top reasons dental, optometry, and veterinary practices seek HR for Health.  

1. Stay Healthcare HR Compliant

Remember, you don’t need to track compliance on your own. Our HR software lets you know what location-specific policies you need. It is also changed based on relevant state law and regularly updated with changes in relevant federal employment laws. You can use our template to ensure that you are clear with your equal employment opportunity, avoiding conflicts of interest, access to various employee benefit plans (including PTO, jury duty, military leave, time off, sick leave, and vacation time), explanations about your family medical leave act (FMLA) benefits, and so much more. 

The latest versions of our HR software features employee handbook functionality with automatic law updates, so you don’t have to set a reminder to check for the latest updates every year. All you have to do is opt in to receive those updates.

Whether you're a dentist, an optometrist, a physical therapist, or a veterinarian, compliance is critical to your practice. You must be clear about how you adhere to various laws, such as workers’ compensation for a company employee that is injured on the job. Our HR software creates the custom employee handbook you need to stay compliant, with the added benefit of documenting your compliance. 

2. Get Organized and Save Paper

Say goodbye to all those notes and other documents that were part of your process of updating your employee handbook for your employees. Using HR for Health’s software  to create a customized employee handbook is a completely paperless process. We offer a step-by-step, questionnaire-style approach to helping your employees understand benefit plans, as well as policies and procedures. 

With our HR software, you can easily send your employees the final digital version of your custom employee handbook with our popular acknowledgment feature. It’s the most streamlined process, but it also ensures that you’re completely compliant every step of the way for your dental, optometry, veterinary, or medical practice. 


Download the complete employee handbook update checklist!

2023 HB Update Checklist Dwnld Img


3. Manage Your Entire Healthcare Workforce

With a digital HR solution that includes a state- and industry-specific handbook, you can share the latest updates with the doctor and other employees at your practice. Ensure they have received and acknowledged receipt of your employee handbook via our cloud-based software solution. You can generate a PDF of all the required policies, and the policies that are included in your handbook are based on your employee count. 

Remember, a customized employee handbook is about more than just health insurance enrollment, COBRA enrollment, workplace policy, and leave policies. It also sets vital employee standards, like how your small business will manage reimbursements, performance reviews, dress codes, and managing conflicts of interest. It sets the standard for what you expect out of team members during the workweek, including how social media use will be governed and what type of work environment you will seek to provide. It also allows you to make drug-free workplace statements and non-discrimination disclaimers. Remember, these anti-discrimination, anti-harassment and anti-sexual harassment statements are critical. Making these disclaimers ensures you know how these issues will be managed for both full-time employees and part-time employees. It also sets the stage for if and when you need to take disciplinary action against employees that violate these policies.


HR for Health Feature Spotlight: Employee Handbook

A sample handbook questionnaire in pending status.


Your employee handbook is there to help you keep your practice running as smoothly as possible. Our latest software features also allows you to edit, update, and delete policies as needed, ensuring that revisions are made in a timely manner. To get the most out of your handbook, read it frequently. Use it as the go-to resource to solve employee disputes and issues

Rely on HR for Help to offer tips and ideas to help you implement and integrate our HR software solution to help create your custom employee handbook for your practice. Contact us to learn more. 


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HR for Health Will Customize Your Employee Handbook

HR for Health is an all-in-one HR software solution dedicated to helping the dental, optometry, physical therapy, and veterinary industries. Our human resources platform features all the tools you need to manage work schedules, payroll, pay periods, timekeeping, 401(k), and more with total integration and ease. We can help your practice create the right workplace policy.

Whether you’re looking for HR support for your small clinic or multi-doctor practice, HR for Health has the right solution to fit your budget and functional requirements. Reach out to an HR for Health account representative today to learn more.

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