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    How to Document an Underperforming Employee in Healthcare

    Documenting employee performance issues is challenging on both sides of the table. Employers don’t enjoy delivering an unpleasant message, and it is difficult for employees to hear that they aren’t meeting expectations. However, overlooking poor performance causes more problems than it solves.

    Healthcare Performance Review Best Practices

    The importance of annual performance reviews cannot be overstated. This process offers your employees a chance to see where they shine, along with many opportunities for sharpening their skills. 

    What’s New about New York’s Workplace Anti-Discrimination Law

    In August 2019, New York’s Governor signed a law to expand anti-discrimination protections in the workplace. Recently, the state provided more detailed information on the new protections required by the law and guidance for employers. 

    Here’s ...

    How to Handle Romantic Relationships in Your Healthcare Practice

    UPDATED 11/24/20 1:32pm PT:

    Would you date someone in your practice? Even if it harmed your career? Around one in four of us would date a team member, and more than half have had a

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