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    How to Meet California’s Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

    UPDATED 11/10/20 10:10am PT:

    In October of 2019, the deadline to complete sexual harassment compliance training for businesses in California (with five or more employees) was extended through 2020. Now, time’s up.

    Workplace Bullying: How to Identify and Manage

    People associate bullies with childhood, but the problem is life-long. Around 31 percent of Americans have been bullied as an adult, and 43 percent say bullying has become more "accepted" in society over recent years. In healthcare, ...

    Sexual Harassment: An employee has informed me that they were offended by a suggestive photo a coworker sent them. How should I handle this?

    As an employer, you have an obligation to take steps to prevent harassment and deal with it thoroughly and promptly when it occurs. Prevention is always the best policy; therefore, all staff should be trained at time of hire and regularly thereafter. In fact, some states such as California and New York have made sexual harassment training mandatory.

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