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Top 5 Interview Questions That Can Help You Avoid Turnover

Retaining employees saves healthcare practices time and money.

However, none of us can predict the future. What we can do is alter our interview questions with new professionals and assess their fit for the company and their professional goals.

Here are five types of questions you should be asking during your interviews:

Stress Tolerance 

Question: How do you handle stress or high-pressure situations?

Stress is a normal response to high-pressure situations. While there isn't a "right" answer to this question, the candidate's response can give you insight into how they react to stressful moments while on the job. With this question, we're looking to understand the candidate's behavior.

Make note of how they respond and examples from previous work experience to illustrate their answer. Their response should also include coping skills, organization, time management, and future goals they set based on the situation that occurred.

Collaborative Skills 

Question: How do you handle conflict or difficult situations with coworkers or supervisors? 

It's common for organizations to rely on cooperation between coworkers, but this can sometimes lead to negative or confrontational attitudes. Handling such behavior can help you avoid distractions and focus on your work. As the interviewer, you should keep an eye out for these in the candidates' responses:

• To Whom they seek support from
How the conflict or issue is addressed
Their perception of the conflict
Example(s) of times they've been in a conflict in their previous roles


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Question: Describe a time a project or company goal was changed last minute. What first action did you take and how did you work with your coworkers to reach the changed, expected goal?

Adapting to change is a useful skill that helps you tackle new challenges with confidence. It involves embracing new opportunities without feeling overwhelmed. Developing adaptability requires a positive attitude and a willingness to accept change as it occurs.

Career Satisfaction

Question: How satisfied are you with your current job and what are you looking for in your next role?

Assessing a candidate's satisfaction with their current career and life can help predictpexels-fauxels-3184465 their potential future behavior, including the likelihood of employee turnover. It'll also give you the chance to ensure that the position you are hiring for is a potential match for the candidate. Let them walk you through their past experience and how that has illuminated their future career path.

Asses the following while the candidate responds to the question:

Their level of self-awareness and career goals.

Their understanding of the role and the healthcare practice's values.

Their ability to align themselves with the practice's goals.

Their communication skills and how they articulate their thoughts.


Job Fit

Question: What parts of our job description resonated with you most and your professional goals?

It's important for employers to set accurate expectations during the hiring process to reduce high turnover rates among new hires. This includes providing a realistic preview of the job during the interview stage, rather than an overly optimistic picture. Good communication is key.


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