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A Guide to 2023 Minimum Wage Requirements by State

Jasmine Saunchegrow
Posted by Jasmine Saunchegrow on January 2, 2023

Being aware of minimum wage requirements is essential for employers and employees alike.

A Guide to 2023 Minimum Wage Requirements by State

Knowing the current minimum wage helps ensure that employees are receiving fair and appropriate compensation for their work. 

It also helps dental, veterinary, and optometry employers to stay compliant with the law and avoid potential fines or legal action. Additionally, it helps to ensure a fair and competitive wage structure within your practice. Being aware of minimum wage requirements also helps to promote a healthy and productive workplace where employees feel valued and respected. 

Take a look at the 2023 minimum wage requirements by state below:

‣ Alabama - $7.25 (follows federal requirement)

‣ Alaska - $10.85

‣ Arizona - $13.85

‣ Arkansas - $11.00

‣ California - $15.50

‣ Colorado - $13.65A Guide to 2023 Minimum Wage Requirements by State

‣ Connecticut - $14.00

‣ Delaware - $11.75

‣ District of Columbia - $16.10

‣ Florida - $11.00

‣ Georgia - $7.25 (follows federal requirement)

‣ Hawaii - $12.00

‣ Idaho - $7.25

‣ Illinois - $13.00

‣ Indiana - $7.25

‣ Iowa - $7.25

‣ Kansas - $7.25

‣ Kentucky - $7.25

‣ Louisiana - $7.25 (follows federal requirement)

‣ Maine - $13.80

‣ Maryland - $12.80

‣ Massachusetts - $15.00

‣ Michigan - $10.10

‣ Minnesota - $8.63

‣ Mississippi - $7.25 (follows federal requirement)

‣ Missouri - $12.00

‣ Montana - $9.95

A Guide to 2023 Minimum Wage Requirements by State

‣ Nebraska - $10.50

‣ Nevada - $9.50

‣ New Hampshire - $7.25

‣ New Jersey - $12.93

‣ New Mexico - $12.00

‣ New York - $14.20

‣ North Carolina - $7.25

‣ North Dakota - $7.25

‣ Ohio - $10.10

‣ Oklahoma - $7.25

‣ Oregon - $13.50

‣ Pennsylvania - $7.25

‣ Rhode Island - $13.00

‣ South Carolina - $7.25 (follows federal requirement)

‣ South Dakota - $10.80

‣ Tennessee - $7.25 (follows federal requirement)

‣ Texas - $7.25

‣ Utah - $7.25

‣ Vermont - $13.18

‣ Virginia - $12.00

‣ Washington - $15.74

‣ West Virginia - $8.75

‣ Wisconsin - $7.25

‣ Wyoming - $7.25 (follows federal requirement)


Please note: Some cities and municipalities have their own rules regarding minimum wage that may differ from state standards.


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How and Why to Update Your Employee Handbook with Minimum Wage Requirement Information

Updating your dental, optometry, or veterinary practice's employee handbook with minimum wage requirement information is an important way to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. It is important to stay current with the most recent minimum wage laws and to understand the process of updating your handbook.

A Guide to 2023 Minimum Wage Requirements by StateTo begin, research and learn the details of the most recent minimum wage laws in your state and at the federal level. It is important to note any differences between the two, as you will need to update your handbook to reflect both. Once you have a thorough understanding of the laws, you can begin to update your employee handbook.

When updating your employee handbook, it is important to clearly and accurately explain the minimum wage laws and the requirements that they impose on your practice. This should include any changes or updates from the previous version of your handbook. If there are any special requirements or exceptions to the minimum wage laws, these should also be included.

Finally, make sure to clearly communicate the changes to your employees. This can be done through a handbook update meeting or a series of emails. It is also important to make sure that all employees understand the changes being made and that they are aware of their rights.

Updating your employee handbook with minimum wage requirement information is an important step to ensure compliance with the law and to protect your practice. Keeping your handbook up to date will help ensure that your employees are fairly compensated and that their rights are respected.


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How HR for Health Can Help

Understanding your state's minimum wage requirements and the necessity of including it in your employee handbook is essential. Minimum wage requirements change year after year, so be sure to protect yourself, your practice, and your employees by adhering to the latest state regulations. HR for Health’s all-in-one software automatically updates your employee handbook to reflect your state's minimum wage law so you never have to worry about it. 

If you have questions, please schedule an HR consultation with us by booking time here or calling us at (888) 316-9284.

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