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Daily HR Headaches: Timekeeping, Payroll, and Compliance for your Dental Practice

Timesheets are just simple components of the bigger HR picture, right? Minor mistakes, however, can lead to major consequences. You don’t need the hassle of litigation — you have a practice to run!

Daily HR Headaches

If your dental assistant or hygienist takes legal action over a pay dispute, it’s already too late. What if you had HR software in place that proactively avoided such undesirable scenarios?

Human resource management is a complex responsibility, and unless you have automatic system checks in place, you risk legal liability. Software like HR for Health provides you with those system checks.

How Accurate Are Your Payrolls?

Comprehensive HR software increases timesheet accuracy - particularly when considered against manual timesheet entries. That's critical for reducing or eliminating legal risk.

Accurate timesheets ensure you pay regular wages and overtime correctly and under regulations set by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). These regulations cover areas such as minimum wage, overtime, hours worked, and record keeping. Using software that is set up to comply with these regulations protects your practice from legal action. Examples include claims for unpaid wages or overtime miscalculations.

Get Your Attendance and Schedule Tracking In Order

Attendance and punctuality are easier to track with our integrated time clock. Your team members can only clock into the system from pre-approved locations. This creates a clear attendance and punctuality record, which protects your practice from disputes involving hours worked. The system can also monitor unpaid meal breaks. The comprehensive manner in which HR for Health tracks and documents employee time drastically minimizes time and money wasted on disciplinary gaffes and mind-numbing manual payroll calculations

Your customized, practice-specific employee handbook puts the onus on your employees to let you know if there’s a timekeeping error. Each employee has access to their own timesheets, giving them the ability to make a correction if necessary, and each edit prompts a notification for you to approve . If they don’t communicate these corrections, the policies in the employee handbook can reduce your liability.

HR Compliance Is The Name of the Game

Record Retention

With the HR for Health software, your record retention complies with FLSA rules. These rules determine the kinds of information kept, such as employee personal information and earnings, as well as the duration of record storage. Your timekeeping records must be available for audit by FLSA division representatives. Our secure, easy-to-use software makes that simpler.

Employment Laws

As a business owner, you’re responsible for ensuring your dental practice operates in a manner that adheres to federal and state laws. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) administers and enforces these laws, some of which include paying employees correctly, keeping records, providing unpaid leave where appropriate, and notifying employees of their rights.

There are also DOL laws regulating the employment of minors (such as a young person working as a front desk assistant in a dental practice). In fact, there are 

Daily HR Headaches

DOL laws regulating many specific employment situations - so much so that the average employer doesn’t know them all. You must keep confidential files secure and backed up, all while being accessible to appropriate team members as needed. The HR for Health cloud-based document vault makes all of this possible.

How We Can Help You

As the owner of a dental practice, you have many responsibilities besides patient care. Enlist the aid of HR for Health so you can focus on your area of expertise while we assist you with ours.

Schedule a human resources consultation call with us to further explore how our software solutions can help your practice.

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