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HR for Health Feature Spotlight: Performance Review Software

Automated reminders for performance reviews, made-for-you templates, and a single, secure location for all your notes — sound like a dream? Short of having a performance review fairy who flies in to handle these tasks after-hours, your next best bet is performance review software.

Performance Reviews GIFEasily add and manage performance reviews in HR for Health's software.


Cloud-based software like HR for Health removes the bottlenecks from your organizational and employee feedback responsibilities. What you're left with is a set of streamlined processes that allow you to nurture and evaluate your team, while also freeing up more of your time to focus on your patients. 

Running a dental, optometry, or veterinary practice is no easy task. You have patient charts to review, treatments to prescribe, all while running the in-house processes of your practice. Your team has their own tasks, and you oversee their roles, being careful to use their talents efficiently. When there‘s a kink in the chain, you diagnose and treat, much in the same way you do with your patients. Yet employees require more than a quick visit to their favorite doctor’s office. They have daily needs, and their work may fluctuate depending on their emotional, mental, and physical states. Managing employee morale while staying up to date with employee performance reviews may feel tedious. These tasks could regularly slide into the bottom section of your to-do list. However, failure to prioritize performance reviews can be detrimental to the overall culture of your practice. Performance review software takes the complexity out of this process, allowing employees to self-assess and you to evaluate performance objectively with an intuitive interface.

Performance Reviews: Deepen Communication With Your Team Using Smart HR Software

Unemployment rates have skyrocketed over the past two years, and although employee retention requires a comprehensive approach, performance reviews are vital to employee satisfaction. It sounds ideal for you to keep employees happy while also keeping your practice afloat and securing patient satisfaction. When you have such varied responsibilities, it’s difficult to prioritize some of these HR tasks. HR for Health Feature Spotlight: Performance Review Software

You’re not the only one missing employee performance review deadlines. Managers across different industries struggle to complete performance reviews on time — up to 50 percent of evaluations are submitted well after their original due dates. Employees require feedback on their performance to better gauge where they stand regarding their competency in their role. When they are aware of their strengths, opportunities for elevating their performance, and are encouraged by their team leaders to lean into their talents, employees will feel more engaged and motivated to perform better. This means your bottom line improves and your patient satisfaction rates go up. Interestingly, by nurturing your team, you create a flourishing practice that patients rave about.

Research shows that 60 percent of employees want feedback regularly, and that number jumped to 72 percent when employees were under 30 years old. This means those once-per-year performance reviews simply aren’t cutting it. They’re difficult for you to manage and feel insufficient for the majority of your team members. Performance review software steps in as the solution, offering a variety of ways for you to evaluate your team members.   

Why HR for Health Performance Reviews Astonish Users

HR for Health knows all about your struggles. When you use our software, you can digitize your performance reviews, set reminders for your employees and yourself, and streamline the processes that have cost you way too much time up until this point. You’re immediately provided with pre-written templates that take the guesswork out of evaluation—each template is designed for different steps during your employee’s time with your practice. New hire checklists are important for keeping you on track. When you schedule an introductory review, you and your new employee can ensure you are on the same page before any inefficient habits are established.

HR for Health Feature Spotlight: Performance Review Software

The performance review software is easy to use and designed to make your life a little easier. Traditionally, employee reviews have been one-sided, but with HR for Health performance reviews, you can assign a self-review to your employee and get their perspective. After this initial step, you have more information to work with, and can tailor their review to cover their self-appraisal. Save meeting notes and any other documentation regarding your employee in one secure location.

Employees can also submit peer reviews, giving you another vantage point to oversee your practice. Positive feedback is a boost for employee morale, and when constructive feedback is provided, you can measure performance and schedule an interim review to keep employees on track and accountable. The days of stacked files on your desk are something of the past when you use software to supplement your management and HR processes.

Why Dentists, Optometrists, and Veterinarians Need Electronic Performance Reviews

Even intrinsically motivated employees need feedback to keep them aligned with company goals. When you engage with your employees in a streamlined way, they know their voices are being heard. This act of listening reaffirms that you’re fostering an environment where communication goes both ways. When your team has a clear understanding of their roles, their talents, and the areas they can improve on, you create forward momentum that increases employee retention.

While the goal is always to improve communication and motivate team members to stay on track, there are occasions when the performance reviews may be utilized as supporting documentation of a consistent trend of poor performance that has not improved even with regular feedback. In those cases, performance review software keeps you compliant with the paperwork you need to justify termination or improve performance. Book a demo with HR for Health and see the magic in action for yourself! HR for Health Feature Spotlight: Performance Review Software

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