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    How to Document an Underperforming Employee in Healthcare

    Documenting employee performance issues is challenging on both sides of the table. Employers don’t enjoy delivering an unpleasant message, and it is difficult for employees to hear that they aren’t meeting expectations. However, overlooking poor performance causes more problems than it solves.

    What Practice Owners Need to Know About Daily vs. Weekly Overtime

    We realize that healthcare professionals deal with plenty when it comes to employees. One major issue is payroll, and one of the most confusing and time-consuming components of payroll is overtime.

    How HR for Health Can Simplify Performance Management

    Performance management is one of the best ways to challenge and motivate health care teams. It's also an essential tool for team leaders, who can use this system to assess team member performance and to take action towards improvement. There is a growing movement towards performance management strategies in health care practices, but sometimes things don't go as planned.


    Healthcare Performance Review Best Practices

    The importance of annual performance reviews cannot be overstated. This process offers your employees a chance to see where they shine, along with many opportunities for sharpening their skills. 

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