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What You Need to Know About California's AB5 Law (Updated for 2020)

UPDATED 8/14/20 8:42am PT:

When the clock struck 12 on Jan. 1, 2020, California Assembly Bill 5  (or AB5, for short) went into effect. It's probably one of the most important pieces ...

Four Steps to Alternate Work Schedules in California

There are times when proposing a new Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) would benefit your practice, and perhaps even your employees.  HR for Health has put together four steps that you must follow in order to implement an AWS in your practice.

2020 Paid Holidays

There is a lot of HR-related information to keep up with as an employer. One of the most common questions employers have is about what’s required when it comes to giving their employees time off for federal holidays. 

Clearing Up California’s Sick Leave Laws: Rollover vs Lump Sum

Many practice owners have questions about whether or not sick leave or sick days need to be paid to their employees and how to go about doing this. 

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