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    What Is Human Resources Software and Why Do You Need It?

    You have heard about human resources software but may not realize how much it can help your practice. Everyone uses some sort of software to help with their workflow, but HR software does more than that.

    How to Track Overtime and Be Proactive

    The healthcare industry faces a lot of challenges when it comes to compliance issues, and especially, payroll. Ask any healthcare practice for their biggest expense, and you’re likely to hear overtime costs in response. Overtime is almost always one of the top-ranked expenditures, and when you factor in incorrect overtime configurations, it’s even more costly.


    Your HR Awareness Month Compliance Check-Up

    Employment laws are complicated. They cover everything from compensation and leaves of absence to whether and when behaviors are considered “protected concerted activity.” The fact that federal, state, and local regulations often differ just adds to the complexity of managing ...

    HHS Expands Relief Fund Eligibility & Updates Reporting Requirements

    The Payroll Relief Fund (PRF) gave providers and hospitals

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