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HR Software or Doing It All Yourself? What Healthcare Office Managers Need to Know for 2020

Professional expertise, delivery, and time efficiency are invaluable for healthcare practices that want to optimize "people management" and company culture. But should you do it yourself? Or invest in software to do it for you?

The Pros and Cons of Working Interviews

In the healthcare industry, finding the right employees is key to your financial success, but more importantly, it is vital to the health of your patients. A poor hire in an insurance office may mean a huge paperwork mess that takes weeks to correct. A poor hire in healthcare can lead to tragedy.

6 Tasks Healthcare Office Managers Should Automate Right Now

Automating HR tasks could save busy, overworked healthcare office managers (OMs) more than 1 day every working week. HR software lets OMs like you scale your healthcare business, save time, and improve workflows. Still, 60 percent of employers

5 Key Policies in Every Employee Handbook

The move from paper files to digital record-keeping platforms has transformed healthcare. Among other benefits, accurate, up-to-date patient information is easier for providers to access, which means greater efficiency and a better patient experience.

The transition to digital has impacted the employer/employee relationship, as well. In many settings, traditional employee ...

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