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    How to Implement Leadership Styles in a Healthcare Practice

    Be honest. What's your leadership style? Do you coach? Support? Delegate? Direct? Or a combination of all four? Whatever your style, it's critical that you implement leadership on healthcare employees — doctors, dentists, dentist's assistants, billing administrators, and everyone else in your team. 

    Destress in the office with these 4 Tips

    We all have our stress triggers — impatient patients, that towering stack of medical bill receipts, the sound of a team member slurping his morning coffee. Yep, working in a healthcare practice is seriously stressful. And the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other employees you work with are seriously stressed too. Healthcare and hospital workers are more likely ...

    Stress: The Essential Guide That Will Help Your Practice

    Stress in the workplace is a serious issue in healthcare. Learn more about how to spot the signs and what to do when your team is impacted by healthcare stress. 

    HR 101: Creating Offer Letters Without Contractual Implications

    Employment offer letters can bring great professionals into healthcare settings. If you're not careful, though, you could inadvertently create an employment contract.

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