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    COVID: Emergency Leave and Employment Litigation Risks

    Keeping your practice open through the pandemic is critical for your patients and your team. After all, patients rely on you to stay healthy, and your employees count on their paychecks to cover essential expenses in their personal lives.

    5 Tips to Help You Establish Performance Measurements

    Performance measurement is an important part of developing health care teams. These give you objective criteria to help gauge how your employees are doing, and what changes you need to make. Perhaps even more importantly, performance measurements give your team members something to strive for. After all, the best employees want to do well -- and performance measurements provide the ...

    California Expands Employee Rights to Family and Medical Leave

    UPDATED 12/17/20 11:55am PT:

    The last couple of years have brought about several changes to employee rights in California. The most recent change (SB 1383) expands employee rights to family and medical leave. The ...

    Clarifying the FFCRA’s “Health Care Provider” Exemption

    The year 2020 hasn’t been the most predictable or in many cases, the most profitable. 

    COVID-19 hit the world like a ton of bricks. No one was anticipating such an event, especially businesses. The impact of the virus quickly rippled through various industries, having a significant impact on those working in health care.

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