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    3 Situations When a Resignation Puts Your Practice at Risk

    Employees quit, it happens — especially in the healthcare industry. Take nurses, for example. The current national average for nurse turnover rates is

    How To Identify Job Abandonment & 3 Actions You Can Take

    It is an unfortunate reality that, on occasion, a team member may fail to come to work for a period of time. This puts great strain on other team members and can negatively impact patient care.

    Importance of an Employee Handbook (& 6 Things Dentists Should Know When Managing Employees)

    UPDATED 8/28/20 1:57pm PT:

    Patients, who associate your dental practice with the sound of drilling and the smell of eugenol, often forget that you carry out HR functions like payroll, taxes, and employee management. Facilitating these functions can pose a challenge, especially when complying with complex ...

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