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Why You Should Link Job Descriptions to Performance Reviews

Job descriptions may be part of your onboarding process for new employees at your dental, optometry, physical therapy, or veterinary practice; but you may not be using them to their full advantage. As you gather information about the responsibilities of your employee, consider including all the skills, competencies, activities, and qualifications associated with the role.

Job descriptions are just the beginning, though. As your employees grow with your practice and expand their skillset in their position, your performance reviews will offer opportunities for feedback, improvement, and even redefining your employee’s role. As part of our comprehensive cloud-based HR software, HR for Health offers templates for job descriptions, as well as resources for performance reviews. 

Job Descriptions Inform Your Performance Reviews

Why You Should Link Job Descriptions to Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are your opportunity to offer feedback to your employees, and it’s essential that the job description accurately reflects the requirements of the job. When you’re all on the same page, you can better engage with and manage your employee performance. Connect with your employees and help them understand why and how their positions are essential to you and your practice. 

Here are just a few reasons HR for Health recommends linking job descriptions to performance reviews for new hires and long-term employees: 

It removes employee confusion

Employees may argue that certain job duties “aren’t their job.” A job description succinctly lays out what’s involved in the position, with the automatic digital acknowledgment from your employee. With such clear evidence regarding what the job entails, you shouldn’t face push-back or misunderstandings related to the job. 

HR for Health has industry-specific job descriptions ready for use by your dental, optometry, physical therapy, or veterinary practice. They can be sent electronically, with an automatic acknowledgment requested from your employees. Schedule a call with our HR experts to streamline your employee relations with our easy-to-use software solutions.

It promotes transparency


Why You Should Link Job Descriptions to Performance Reviews

When you operate without job descriptions, you can't easily define roles for your employees. Those job descriptions help ensure there are no miscommunications or misunderstandings. With transparency and accurate job descriptions, your employees know what to expect. You can also make edits as your policies and procedures evolve. 

It increases employee retention 

A job description offers a level of certainty to your employees, so they can focus on required tasks to increase productivity, improve their skillsets, and feel better about their achievements. When your team has higher morale and motivation, they will feel better about their work with your dental, optometry, physical therapy, or veterinary practice. Schedule a call with our HR experts to gain further insights on how to effectively engage with and retain your employees. 

It offers your practice legal protection

Why You Should Link Job Descriptions to Performance Reviews

Your documentation of job descriptions provides you with the evidence you need in an HR dispute or disagreement. If needed, you can formally prove that the job duties apply to the position with legally binding documents that were digitally acknowledged. 

When you maintain a record of your job descriptions and other employee documents, you can use them for wrongful termination lawsuits or false claims from your current or former employees. You’re legally protected against claims related to your HR practices and procedures.

Use Job Descriptions to Effectively Communicate With Employees

Job descriptions offer a roadmap for your employees, so they know what to expect both now and in the future. Paired with the custom features of our employee handbook, your employees should have everything they need to succeed at your dental, optometry, physical therapy, or veterinary practice. 

Job descriptions are flexible HR documents that grow and change over the course of your employee’s time at your practice, but they are also only effective if you spend time to make them as accurate as possible. Put them to use, but also let your employees know that they should never be limited by the confines of a job description. 

How HR for Health Can Help

With our HR for Health software, we offer customized job descriptions for your industry, which are compliant with EEO laws. Our suite of tools helps minimize the risks associated with onboarding, job performance, and long-term retention.  Schedule a call to learn more about how we can help.

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