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Laws change fast. You better change fast, too.

HR Law Updates

Compliance today doesn’t mean compliance tomorrow.  Unless you’ve got HR for Health. 


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  • New law alerts

    Our legal resource center is always up to date. When a relevant new regulation comes up, we’ll let you know.

  • New hire checklist alerts

    Hire compliantly with alerts that remind you when you need to update your new hire process.

  • Handbook alerts

    Protect yourself from lawsuits with alerts that show know exactly how to properly update your handbooks.

Trusted by thousands of practices nationwide

  • Compliance alerts

    We cover you in a fuzzy blanket of compliance

    Every year thousands of practices are hit with thousands of lawsuits.

    They’ve expensive. Sometimes bankruptcy-level expensive. And even if you win, they can ruin your reputation forever.

    That’s why we alert you when compliance is about to lapse or something new comes up. Because by keeping compliant, you can avoid or defend against virtually 100% of HR-related lawsuits.

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    We cover you in a fuzzy blanket of compliance
  • Worker classification

    Class(ification) is in session

    Minimum wage, overtime, record-keeping, taxes. They’re all different depending on how your employees are classified. And if you screw it up, here come the lawyers.

    Whether you care for heads, shoulders, knees, toes or anything in between, HR for Health knows what you need to stay up to date.

    HR for Health helps make sure your workers are correctly classified and doing things the right way.

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    Class(ification) is in session
  • Federal, state, and local compliance

    Stay compliant from Washington to Waikiki

    Do we mean Washington state or Washington D.C.? It doesn’t matter. Our handbooks are compliant everywhere across the U.S. And at every level, including local, state and federal policies and regulations. No matter what the angle of attack might be, we’ve got you covered.

    That includes tricky jurisdictions like New York and California. As if healthcare practices with a view of the Golden Gate didn’t have enough going for them already.

    Protect your practice
    Stay compliant from Washington to Waikiki

Partner for HR for Health

HR for doctors who don’t do HR.

Take a deep breath… Your HR’s done. It’s automated. Digital. Secure.

Sounds like heaven, right?

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    Full-service payroll
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    Employee benefits
  • Benefit Icon 2
    Time and attendance
  • Benefit Icon 3
    Hiring and onboarding
  • Benefit Icon 4
    Talent management
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    Insights and reporting
  • Policy auto-updates for new laws

    Auto-updates that auto-protect

    Keeping up with regulations takes time you don’t have, and expertise that gets expensive. And getting sued is worse. A lot worse.

    With HR for Health, your practice is automatically and continuously kept up to date on compliance practices. And that’s on top of all the day-to-day operations awesomeness we provide.


    We even help you push updates to your handbooks. Your employees know what’s expected. And you get sneaky-amazing legal protection.

    Get the protection you need
    Auto-updates that auto-protect
Werner Optometry

Despite having the best of intentions, we were not compliant. I was fearful I’d find myself in a situation that I would not know how to handle. Now, I sleep with and absence of anxiety and frustration.

Aaron Werner

On-demand HR Support

HR questions should be answered by certified HR pros… not a friend or a cousin.*

* Unless they’re certified HR professionals

Get your very own on-demand HR team (without the extra payroll expenses). You can shoot us an email or call our HR hotline during your workday, or access the HR Knowledge Base 24/7.

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Get the HR expertise you need, at a price you can afford
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What makes our HR solution different?

  • It’s in the name: HR for Health.
    It’s in the name:
    HR for Health.

    There’s a lot of HR software solutions out there, but there’s only one that’s designed by a practitioner and an attorney specifically for dental and medical practices. That’s us. Every feature, function, and product is designed for healthcare teams. No other HR solution can say that.

  • Customized & Compliant Handbooks
    Customized & Compliant Handbooks

    You don’t need to keep up with employment law, but your policies definitely do. We automatically update your policies and handbooks to account for changes to laws and regulations at the local, state, and even federal levels.

  • Compliance-First. Always.
    Compliance-First. Always.

    Just because you haven’t faced a lawsuit doesn’t mean it’s not coming. Other software leaves compliance up to you. We take care of it with a total solution that ensures you stay legal.

  • Practice Protection = Profit Protection
    Practice Protection = Profit Protection

    Every year thousands of practices are attacked with expensive lawsuits that not only cost a lot but cause irreparable reputational damage. Simply keeping compliant allows you to mitigate nearly 99%* of HR-related legal claims. *1% of legal claims require beating someone with a stick.

HR Law Updates FAQs

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Our team of HR experts are here to help you. Let’s connect.

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Welcome to the HR software suite that will change your life.