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    A Team Member in Your Practice Refuses the COVID-19 Vaccine. Now What?

    What happens if a team member in your practice rejects the COVID-19 vaccine? And what should you do? A healthcare HR guide. 

    6 Tips to Conduct Effective Exit Interviews

    Exit interviews have become standard in health care workplaces over the past ten years. Some may wonder why one would ask deep questions of a team member who is planning to leave the practice. There's at least one important answer to this.

    Heads Up! 10 Questions to Ask in Exit Interviews

    Asking exit interview questions is not a pleasant task since happy employees rarely leave medical practices. Plus, the demands of the healthcare profession cause a high level of burnout among team members. You can expect to hear some hard truths if you ask the right questions in a secure atmosphere.

    How to Document an Underperforming Employee in Healthcare

    Documenting employee performance issues is challenging on both sides of the table. Employers don’t enjoy delivering an unpleasant message, and it is difficult for employees to hear that they aren’t meeting expectations. However, overlooking poor performance causes more problems than it solves.

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