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    HR Doesn't Have to Be Scary

    If the thought of handling human resource issues strikes fear in your heart, you’re not alone. Many practice owners and office managers feel the same. Your goal is to be fair and consistent with all team members when applying policies, but manually tracking the necessary details ...

    6 Tasks Healthcare Office Managers Should Automate Right Now

    Automating HR tasks could save busy, overworked healthcare office managers (OMs) more than 1 day every working week. HR software lets OMs like you scale your healthcare business, save time, and improve workflows. Still, 60 percent of employers

    5 Key Policies in Every Employee Handbook

    The move from paper files to digital record-keeping platforms has transformed healthcare. Among other benefits, accurate, up-to-date patient information is easier for providers to access, which means greater efficiency and a better patient experience.

    7 Tips for a Successful Onboarding

    Employee onboarding is a key indicator of a successful team. Sixty-nine percent of people who have a good onboarding experience stay with their company for three years or more. For healthcare ...

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