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Human Resources: What Does an HR Department Do in Dentistry?

Nina Panugaling
Posted by Nina Panugaling on February 4, 2021

An HR department may seem like a luxury to some smaller dental practices, but going without one can be expensive. People are your most valuable resource, but effectively managing them is a time-consuming and sometimes difficult task.

You need a team dedicated to these issues to keep your practice operating at its highest level. That does not mean you have to make multiple hires. HR for Health can help you develop and run an HR operation that is affordable and effective. 

Basic HR Duties

Human resource departments manage the most important part of your practice: the people. And in the dental industry, you are dealing with highly trained professionals who are under great pressure and in enormous demand. Dentists, hygienists, front office staff, etc., are difficult to replace and under constant pressure, especially in today’s health climate. So taking care of your employees must be your top priority.

The following are basic functions of human resource departments: 

  • Training new and current employees
  • Recruiting employees and managing staffing needs
  • Compensation and benefit management
  • Employee and labor relations management
  • Organization development strategies

These duties are essential to any business but crucial to dentistry. Splitting up these tasks among your current employees is not an effective strategy. For example, your dental assistant may not be able to absorb the extra workload of filing new hire paperwork and still do their primary jobs well. And even hardworking, well-meaning team members need special training to handle many HR tasks.

Specialist HR Roles 

Organizations benefit from HR specialists. Many human resource tasks are complex and require extensive knowledge in certain areas. HR specialists include the following:

  • HR Manager - They are the guiding lights of the department that coordinates all HR jobs.
  • Benefits Specialist - 401Ks, medical insurance, health insurance, paid time off, and other benefits require advanced training to handle correctly and legally. 
  • Recruiting Manager - In the medical profession, recruiting the right people is essential and often difficult. The process also takes up a lot of time.

You can run an HR department without these specialists, but they do make a larger HR department run more smoothly. Smaller companies, like dental practices, can still get the expert help they need by consulting with an HR specialist and by using the latest HR software

Managing the Work Environment

HR departments also manage the workplace by promoting company culture, maintaining morale, monitoring employee performance, and creating a safe work environment. People have unique needs and personalities that cannot help but affect your dental practice. HR departments focus on human psychology as much as the mechanics of the business. 

An HR department works to maintain good employer/employee relations. When they receive a complaint from an employee about management, a particular policy, or their workload, HR works to resolve it by being a liaison between both parties. An HR department can keep these issues from growing into serious practice problems. 

Human relations employees also work to create a safe physical and emotional environment for everyone. For instance, at a dental practice, HR employees have been working to keep patients and the dental teams safe from COVID-19 exposure. They are constantly working to reduce physical risks. They also work to promote an environment that protects employees from intimidation, discrimination, and harassment. 

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HR Challenges in Dentistry

The dental field has its own unique HR challenges. Currently, many dental practices are stretched to the max and need to hire new employees in every category. Unfortunately, the industry was facing a shortage of employees before COVID-19 due to the aging of Baby Boomers and a lack of candidates in medical school and dental programs. These problems mean recruitment and employee satisfaction are two critical HR areas for your dental practice, especially since the pandemic struck.

Due to these shortages, retaining your employees is more important than ever. They are worried about issues like work/life balance, their own health concerns, and maintaining a reasonable workload. Understandably, they want a better quality of life. These issues are immense challenges for any dental facility, and those without enough HR support are at a significant disadvantage.

Preventing employee burnout is another concern. If your practice has trouble recruiting and retaining a strong team, then those who are left may experience burnout. They have to work longer hours, deal with more patients and undertake more responsibilities. If they stay, they may not be able to function at their best. 

Addressing these issues is not simple, but HR for Health can help you develop solutions for your human resource needs.  

The HR for Health Advantage

HR for Health can help HR departments of any size by providing advanced software. You can implement payroll programs, time and attendance tracking, performance and task management tools and more. Our experienced HR Specialists will walk you through any HR situations that you need help with. We'll also assist you with any technical questions you may have on the software to ensure you are utilizing it to the fullest extent.

HR for Health works with dentists, optometrists, veterinarians, surgeons, and pharmacists as well as general practitioners. If you have a medical practice, we can help with advice and advanced technology.

If you want more information about HR for Health, schedule a call or send a message today. Our experts will deliver a fast and accurate answer to your question. Let us manage your HR concerns by recommending our advanced software solutions.


About HR for Health 

HR for Health is an all-in-one HR software solution dedicated to helping the dental, optometry, and veterinary industries. Our human resources platform features all the tools practice owners need to manage payroll, timekeeping, 401(k), and more with total integration and ease. 

Whether you’re looking for HR support for a small business or you’re a large group dental practice, HR for Health has the solution to fit your practice and budget. Reach out to a HR for Health account representative to learn more, today: Schedule a Meeting

HR for Health is one of the nation’s leading Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) used by small to mid-sized practices. 

Quick note: This is not to be taken as legal or HR advice. Since employment laws change over time and can vary by location and industry, consult a lawyer or HR expert for specific guidance. Learn about HR for Health's HR services.


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